Saturday: 22K steady state and technique

Conditions: cloudy, upper 50s, light variable wind generally a tail wind down river and head wind upriver.  Got sunny towards the end.

The original plan was for a hard 4×2500.  But honestly, I just wasn’t in the mood.  I’ve gotten so much good feedback on technique that I wanted to do another session at lower intensity trying to work on the things I’m doing wrong.  I also had time for a nie long row, so I changed my plan.

New Improved Plan:

  1. Steady State, R18
  2. Work on improving my form
    • row with good posture.  Stop slumping
    • clean finishes.  Get a good tap down, then feather
    • clean recoveries.  work on balance and not touching water
    • slower and more deliberate squaring of the oars
    • accelerate more smoothly from the catch, delay opening my back, maintain posture
  3. Heart rate cap at 157 (the upper end of my aerobic band)

It’s a lot to keep in mind.  What I did today was sort of like a technique fartlek.  I would row along and notice that my finishes were messy, so I would do 500m of rowing on the square.  Or I would notice that my posture was bad, so I would do 500m concentrating on rowing with my back ramrod straight.  Or I would notice that I snapped my oars square at the last second, so I would do 500m focusing just on slow roll ups.  I also did a couple of sections of legs only rowing.

All together, I rowed the length of the river 6 times, about 22km.  My ass was quite sore by the time I finished, but I felt very satisfied with the session.  Good aerobic workout and a “mindful” practice session.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 7.16.59 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 7.17.18 PM

00020_|_0680_|_03:37_|_2:39.6_|_070___|_19.3_|_09.7_|_128___|_pick drill
00700_|_3040_|_14:51_|_2:26.5_|_265___|_17.8_|_11.5_|_150___|_down river
03740_|_3080_|_15:20_|_2:29.4_|_272___|_17.7_|_11.3_|_154___|_up river
06860_|_2900_|_14:38_|_2:31.4_|_257___|_17.6_|_11.3_|_153___|_down river
09760_|_3000_|_15:23_|_2:33.9_|_277___|_18.0_|_10.8_|_150___|_up river
12760_|_2920_|_14:32_|_2:29.3_|_269___|_18.5_|_10.9_|_149___|_down river
15680_|_2980_|_15:15_|_2:33.5_|_290___|_19.0_|_10.3_|_151___|_up river
18660_|_1180_|_06:43_|_2:50.7_|_125___|_18.6_|_09.4_|_139___|_feet out

17920_|_29:59_|_2:30.6_|_1630___|_18.1_|_11.0_|_151___|_Main set
01180_|_06:43_|_2:50.7_|_125___|_18.6_|_09.4_|_139___|_cool down

Then n the afternoon, I did about 3 hours of weeding, edging and spreading mulch in the garden.  I’m beat an I want a beer.

Tomorrow:  Easy HM.  HR cap at 150.