Saturday: May Cross Team Challenge

I turned off my alarm last night and decided that if I woke up, I would go rowing.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t.  I slept until around 9 AM, so I skipped the trip to the river.

With everything that is going on right now, I am having trouble getting really psyched up to workout.  Maybe I am I just going through a phase or something.  But, I am not my normal eager self.  I think the best thing to do is to tone it down, work on technique and try to have some fun.

Today, after running around, buying a new grill, beer and groceries, I headed home and assembled the grill, finished mulching the garden and moved the remaining mulch off to the edge of the yard.  I discovered that I had a good hour before I need to get ready for some dinner guests we were having.  Just enough time for a quick session on the erg.

I want to keep doing the Cross Team Challenges.  I feel bad that I am active for 6 months of the year or so with my virtual rowing team, the Free Spirits, and then I essentially disappear during the OTW season.  I’m hoping that doing the CTCs will keep me a bit better connected than last season.

I started off with a 20 minute steady state row as a warm up.  I was pleased that I could hold 195 with my HR staying nice and low.  I was expecting to have slid a ways down the lactate ladder without any erging.  I guess I haven’t lost much aerobic base so far on the water.

(Note HR monitor decided to not work for the first 5 minutes or so)

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 11.25.03 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 11.25.39 PM

Workout Summary – May 23, 2015
–_|_04947_|_20:00.0_|_02:01.3_|_196.1_|_19.1_|_100.7_|_ 40.2% _|_12.9_|_10.3
Workout Details

01_|_01232_|_05:00.0_|_02:01.7_|_194.1_|_19.4_|_000.0_|_- 31.2% _|_12.7_|_10.0
02_|_01237_|_05:00.0_|_02:01.3_|_196.2_|_19.6_|_127.9_|_ 59.5% _|_12.6_|_10.0
03_|_01240_|_05:00.0_|_02:01.0_|_197.7_|_18.6_|_137.9_|_ 66.6% _|_13.3_|_10.6
04_|_01237_|_05:00.0_|_02:01.2_|_196.4_|_18.8_|_139.9_|_ 68.0% _|_13.2_|_10.4

Then it was in to the main event.  I set up rowpro for a 6 x 2′ / 4′ rest.  I decided to work my way up from r26, to r28, then r30.  I wasn;t sure if I would push it up higher,  When I am in good sprint shape on the erg, 2 minutes at r34 would be no problem, but currently that is not the case.  I ended up feeling pretty good halfway through the r30 piece and rated up to drive that one home.  Then I dropped the rate to r28, then r26.  IN the last one, I decided to see how I could do at higher rate, so I started at r34 and managed to hold it for a minute, and then I pulled the plug.  I probably could have made it, but it was highly unpleasant, so I didn’t.  (See comment above about lack of motivation).

The 3rd rep was pretty good for right now though.  RowPro gave me 632m (1:35.0 avg).  When I analyzed it in Danburpee’s spreadsheet, it gave me 634, but I plugged 632 into the CTC website.

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 11.35.24 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 11.35.07 PM

Workout Summary – May 23, 2015
–_|_08212_|_36:00.0_|_02:11.5_|_153.8_|_21.6_|_151.0_|_ 75.9% _|_10.6_|_07.1
Workout Details

01_|_00581_|_02:00.0_|_01:43.3_|_317.5_|_26.0_|_142.3_|_ 69.7% _|_11.2_|_12.2
02_|_00770_|_04:02.4_|_02:37.3_|_089.9_|_17.6_|_136.3_|_ 65.5% _|_10.8_|_05.1
03_|_00611_|_02:00.0_|_01:38.1_|_370.2_|_28.0_|_157.9_|_ 80.8% _|_10.9_|_13.2
04_|_00717_|_04:00.0_|_02:47.5_|_074.5_|_18.3_|_137.6_|_ 66.4% _|_09.8_|_04.1
05_|_00634_|_02:00.0_|_01:34.6_|_413.8_|_31.5_|_161.6_|_ 83.4% _|_10.1_|_13.1
06_|_00742_|_04:03.6_|_02:44.2_|_079.1_|_17.7_|_141.4_|_ 69.1% _|_10.3_|_04.5
07_|_00591_|_02:00.0_|_01:41.5_|_335.0_|_28.0_|_159.7_|_ 82.1% _|_10.6_|_12.0
08_|_00737_|_04:00.0_|_02:42.7_|_081.2_|_18.0_|_148.4_|_ 74.1% _|_10.2_|_04.5
09_|_00577_|_02:00.0_|_01:43.9_|_311.6_|_25.5_|_159.1_|_ 81.6% _|_11.3_|_12.2
10_|_00728_|_04:00.0_|_02:44.9_|_078.1_|_17.0_|_149.0_|_ 74.5% _|_10.7_|_04.6
11_|_00549_|_02:00.0_|_01:49.3_|_268.0_|_27.5_|_161.7_|_ 83.5% _|_10.0_|_09.7
12_|_00974_|_03:54.0_|_02:00.2_|_201.6_|_22.6_|_162.1_|_ 83.8% _|_11.1_|_08.9

Tomorrow:  I am planning to head off the Lake Quinsigamond to row with some friends.  I’m hoping that will improve my attitude a bit.  If I end up in a single, I imagine I will do a hard 5K, plus other rowing for form.

5 thoughts on “Saturday: May Cross Team Challenge

  1. sanderroosendaal says:

    Greg, when is your next race? Racing spices up the rowing.
    Regarding the CTC, did you do the intervals with a standing start?
    I am in the same boat, erg wise. I try to do the CTCs. Also I have the feeling that I should try to set my season best at the shorter nonathlon distances.


    • gregsmith01748 says:

      Some of it was consumed in normal fashion. But two cans of it were used to make Beer Can Chicken.

      The is the best recipe for anything because the first thing you have to do is open the beer, and drink 1/3 of it, then proceed to cram the can of beer into the chickens cavity and slow roast it on a grill.


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