Video Analysis

Top quarter drill.  Getting a bit more comfortable with it and also trying to keep my back straighter at the catch.

Pick Drill.  I’m including this because I never had any coaching on it and I would welcome advice to get more out of it.

The next two videos are from the first minute and the last minute of a 2500m piece done at full pressure and 24 SPM.  The wind was generally a tail wind, especially in the last minute.  Call me crazy, but when I look at these videos, I think I see a lot of improvement.  I think my depth at the catch is better.  I think my drive is more level (less over the barrel).  And most important, I think my finishes are cleaner.  Compare to the videos here

The next video is at r26.  At this rate I can start to see that my old bad habit of accelerating on the slide during recovery is happening as the rate increases.  Still, the finishes look better than before.  I still have a lot of work to do on posture.

This one is at r28.  I actually think the recovery looks better here than at r26, but I can see that I am going deeper at the catch with the higher rate.

Finally, here is a bit of video showing some slow roll up rowing.  It is at r18 and not at full pressure, but I think this drill helps to force me to row better,

As always, I eager welcome your advice and abuse.

13 thoughts on “Video Analysis

    • gregsmith01748 says:

      How do you measure catch angle? I feel like it is short as well, because of my foot position. But with the amount of inboard I have, and my stubby legs, I need the foot position there to allow adequate clearance at the finish for my hands. Maybe I need to decrease inboard, but that would mean getting used to a heavier rig while I’m trying to work on rowing at higher rates.

      It’s cool how all the stuff is connected.


      • sanderroosendaal says:

        Catch angle is measured easiest by having someone film you from a bridge while you row under it. It may require a few takes. Then you take the still where you are at the catch, and measure the angle. The other person has to film you straight down.

        A cool way would be to use a remotely piloted quad copter. 🙂

        Another way would be to sit in the catch position at the dock and have somebody measure the angle.


      • sanderroosendaal says:

        With the quadcopter you could do it on your own, if you could program it to hover right above you while you were rowing. I like that idea, actually. Get rid of the gopro, and have a quadcopter take video from all angles, including straight above.


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