Drills on the fives

Misty and cool, very little wind.  The river is still very high and there is a fair amount of flow.

The plan for this morning was a low intensity session, working on technique.  I almost rolled over and went back to sleep.  I felt very tired both muscle fatigue and just sleepy.  The session felt like it was a lot of work.

The drills were:

  • delayed feather
  • half slide
  • pause at body over
  • open hands on recovery

          Workout Summary - media/Greg Smith 20181002 0639AM.csv
--|13802|75:38.9|02:44.4|128.0| 19.5 |135.0|154.0|10.1

It’s getting more and more dark when I launch.  There were a bunch of boats out today, my head was on a swivel to make sure that I didn’t run into anyone.  They were pretty much cleared out by the second lap.

I love this session.  I feel like my balance in the boat is so much better at the end than when I start.  The time also goes by really quickly.


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