Back in the Saddle

I arrived home around 10pm on Friday night.  I didn’t sleep at all on the flight so I was quite tired.  I slept from midnight to 11am the next morning.  A fantastic night’s sleep.

Saturday, March 10: 3 x 15’/4′ Rate Ladder

Our internet enable thermostat told us that our house down on the cape was getting colder and colder.  When we are not there, It’s supposed to stay at 55F, but it had dipped all the way down to about 48F.  It seemed as if there was something wrong with the heating system.  So, I headed down there to check it out.  I did all the troubleshooting that I could and it seemed pretty clear that there was a furnace problem.  I put in a call to the furnace people and they told me they’d be over in an hour.  Imagine my shock when they showed up an hour later!  The technician quickly found the problem (a bad igniter), installed a replacement, and we were all set.

I wanted to make sure that the house actually started heating up, so I came down prepared to do an erg session while I waited.  As a bonus, that meat that I could do the session on slides, a most agreeable way to do an erg session.

I was not sure what to expect from the session.  It is my first pass through a new training plan and this is one of the more important weekly sessions.

  • Session: 3 x 15’ / 4’
  • Rating/Pace: Row each 15’ with the following rate changes:
    • 5’@ Cat VI; SR 20 (pace: 2:03 – 2:08)
    • 4’ @ Cat V; SR 22 (pace: 1:58 – 2:02)
    • 3’ @ Cat IV; SR 24 (pace: no faster than 1:52)
    • 2’ @ Cat III; SR 26 (pace: 1:48 or faster)
    • 1’@ Cat II; SR 28 (pace: 1:45 or faster)

I was worried about the last 6 minutes of these intervals, but I figured I could pull it out.

     Workout Summary - media/20180310-2220300o.csv
Workout Details


So, I nailed the first two intervals, and I needed to back off a little bit in the third, but I finished pretty strongly in the last minute.  All in all a good workout after a long trip.

Sunday – March 11: 3 x 20’/3′ Cat VI, Dynamic

The workout plan called for a harder session, but I I had two excuses queued up to avoid it.  First, was adequate recovery with Jet Lag.  Second, was a very strong desire to avoid doing harder sessions on the dynamic, since it sucks.

This was a very pleasant workout.  My HR was nice and low, and I felt good.  I was a second faster on splits compared to the session I did before I left on my trip, so that’s heartening.

    Workout Summary - media/20180311-2255300o.csv
Workout Details

See the blip in the heart rate toward the end of the first interval?  I started thinking about work and my HR just took off.  I guess I might be carrying a bit of work related stress.

Monday – March 12: 2x2k / 2x1k / 2×500

This is another “important” workout.  I did it this morning at work on the static erg after a really terrible nights sleep.  Jet lag sucks.

The detail plan:

  • 2 x 2000m / 2’ easy
    Rating: Cat V pace; target SR 22 (pace: 1:58-2:02)
  • 2 x 1000m / 3’ easy
    Rating: Cat IV pace: target SR 24-26 (pace: 1:52 or slower)
  • 2 x 500m / 2’ easy
    Rating: Cat III pace: target SR 26-28 (pace: 1:48 or faster)

So, this looked a fair bit easier than the Saturday 3×15 rate ladder session.  In the execution, I added another 2K at r18 as a warmup.

       Workout Summary - media/20180312-1230330o.csv
Workout Details

So, that was pretty great.  I hit the paces in every piece and had enough headroom to focus on technique throughout.  All in all, a really fun session.

Tomorrow:  Peak power training….10 x 10″ sprints / 1′ rest + 2 x 20’/3′ Cat VI.  Unfortunately on  the dynamic.

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