14K OTW – Steady State and Technique

Big day today.  Back in my Fluid, back on the upper Charles River.

It took me a little to get my boat reassembled, and I took my time.  The last thing I wanted to was to screw something up and flip when the air temp was 35F and the water was around 45F.

The despite it being a bit cold.  The weather was beautiful.  There was very little wind and it was nice and sunny.  It had warmed up to the mid forties by the time I had finished.

The water was nice and flat and I was able to just focus on trying to remember how to row.

The plan was pretty simple:

  • 4K to the dam just rowing steady state to reacclimate
  • 3K back upstream working on technique
    • 500m Square blades
    • 500m alternating SBR and feathered
    • 500m trying to row feathered without touching water
    • repeat
  • Same thing 3K down stream
  • 4K back to the dock rowing steady state to see if I made any progress

It’s funny, the first few outings in  the spring, my heart rate is quite high and my boat speed is quite slow.  After a couple weeks in the boat, I seem to get back in the groove.  Today was much the same.  In addition, there was a reasonable amount of current flowing, so I was about 5 sec faster downstream and 5 sec slower upstream on pace.

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 11.10.13 AM.png

Workout Summary - media/20180329-1335260o.csv
Workout Details
00|00889|04:34.2|02:34.3|144.2|17.0|131.5|146.0|11.4 to the cut
01|02735|13:15.0|02:25.3|157.2|18.4|154.1|158.0|11.2 downstream ss
02|02815|15:54.0|02:49.5|136.3|17.5|148.1|161.0|10.1 drills
03|02768|14:43.2|02:39.5|133.5|18.6|143.7|155.0|10.1 drills
04|02881|15:22.2|02:40.1|145.0|19.4|151.0|157.0|09.7 upstream ss
05|00835|04:31.8|02:42.7|146.4|21.2|147.2|160.0|08.7 cut back to dock

I’m nursing a nice set of blisters on both hands, and I’m sore in lots of places.  And I’m happier than I’ve been in months!

Tomorrow:  Low Intensity day.  OTW 1x.  Depending on time and fatigue, somewhere between 60 and 80 minutes of rowing.  Main intent is to get in some ss meters, but I want to do some side video to see where I am from a technique perspective.  So that means I will probably throw in a few short rate ladders.