Wednesday: 4 x 20/1’rest

I must admit, I was a little spooked when went to go sit on the erg.  I was so far below my expectations yesterday for the 60′ workout that I didn’t have a lot of confidence that even today’s easy endurance session would go well.

But, after all, it was just an easy session.  So, I got myself settled in and did it.  I’m off work today (tomorrow is Thanksgiving), so this was at home on my static erg.  Target pace was 2:03.  Standard slow start.  Heart rate and RPE were much higher than similar sessions.  Lactate reading was high, but not ridiculous (2.5mmol/l).  HR drift from 40′ to 80′ was 1%.

So, not a sublime aerobic adventure, but a reasonable workout.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.47.15 AMScreen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.46.59 AM

Workout Summary – Nov 25, 2015
–_|_19399_|_80:00.0_|_02:03.7_|_184.8_|_19.0_|_141.6_|_ 69.2% _|_12.8_|_09.7
Workout Details

01_|_01119_|_05:00.0_|_02:14.1_|_145.3_|_16.0_|_099.0_|_ 39.0% _|_14.0_|_09.1
02_|_01164_|_05:00.0_|_02:08.9_|_163.6_|_17.2_|_120.9_|_ 54.6% _|_13.5_|_09.5
03_|_02444_|_10:00.0_|_02:02.8_|_189.2_|_19.0_|_136.3_|_ 65.5% _|_12.9_|_10.0
04_|_04892_|_20:00.0_|_02:02.7_|_189.7_|_19.0_|_143.6_|_ 70.6% _|_12.9_|_10.0
05_|_04885_|_20:00.0_|_02:02.8_|_188.9_|_19.3_|_148.8_|_ 74.4% _|_12.7_|_09.8
06_|_04895_|_20:00.0_|_02:02.6_|_190.1_|_19.9_|_148.4_|_ 74.1% _|_12.3_|_09.6

Tomorrow:  Training Plan calls for a HM, but I don’t think I have that much time, I might do another try at an hour at 1:58.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday: 4 x 20/1’rest

  1. stelph82 says:

    Out of curiosity, how are you calculating your HR drift? Is it just the HR that you have at each point at 40″ and 80″?

    The reason I ask is because crunching the numbers that you give to give a comparison of HR for the first half vs the second half of the 80 mins, and taking into account wattages, gives a Coupling value of 5.4% which goes along with the high”ish” lactate level at the end that you are seeing and is a lot more of a drift than you reported?

    (basically what I did was workout out the average HR and watts for the first 40mins (180 watts, 133 bpm) vs the second 40mins (189.5 watts, 148 bpm) then used the calculation from training peaks to come up with 5.4% drift

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    • gregsmith01748 says:

      I am taking the 2 min avg from 38 to 40 and 78 to 80 and normalizing by the power from those powers. I don’t think the first 20′ is an accurate reading because the power is increasing from a low level to target over the first 10′.

      The thing I want to be able to do is use a consistent definition and compare workouts over time.

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      • stelph82 says:

        I see, I don’t think the increasing power in the first half is a major issue since the calculation itself is used in cycling “out and about” so with wattages that are jumping up and down as hills/traffic/weather get involved, the averaging over the whole workout would be a more accurate measurement to me anyway and personally seeing that using the whole workout gives you a value that is over the goal of 5% (aligning with your lactate result as being slightly over the goal) would back that up as the more useful measurement to go with in my mind anyway


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