Merrimack Chase Videos

Sorry about the shaky video.  I had to improvise a mount and it had a bit of wiggle to it. I decided that the videos would look better using the youtube stabilization.  I’m not entirely sure.  Also, for some reason, the heart rate sensor decided to not talk to my iphone yesterday.  It worked fine to the speedcoach, but that was using a polar receiver.  I suspect that the bluetooth connectivity is a bit squirrely.

Truth be told, it’s not all that exciting a video.  I go under a bridge at about 5 minutes into the first part.  And the water is nasty and rough, but since I had the first bow number for the event, I had no one to pass.  I had a close call with a buoy at 1:55 in the last part.  I almost got the last guy of the Master “C” group at the end of the race, but not quite.  I think the sprint from 2:00 into that video to the end was pretty good.

The pre-start and about the first 8 minutes or so of the race:

The middle of the race, from after the bridge around the big bend and into the flatter water.

The last few minutes of the race.

Not the prettiest rowing I have ever done, but for the state of the water, I’m OK with it.  Lots to work on for next season!

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