How it is supposed to look…Mahe Drysdale at the Head of the Charles

I came across this over on Reddit.  I guess Mahe had a GoPro mounted on his boat during the head of the Charles.  Basically the same perspective as mine, but mounted a lot further away from the stern so you can’t see the finishes, which I am sure would have been even more impressive.

His row was at the end of the day on Saturday, when the winds had died down a bit from earlier in the day, but was still a factor.  The video shows him passing Andrew Campbell between the Western Avenue Bridge and the Weeks Footbridge.  Campbell is a lightweight and was effected by the headwind a lot more than the gigantic Drysdale.

Part 1:  Including a bit of his warm up, the start and the race through the Anderson Bridge

Part 2: Through the big turn, under the Eliot Street Bridge and to the finish.

Oh, what I’d give to be able to row like that.  It is interesting to have a video of the same race, under similar conditions, from the same perspective but with one of the finest scullers in the world doing the rowing.  It was particularly humanizing to see him take a lousy stroke now and then.

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