Side Video of Rowing Drills

Square Blade rowing

Flaws to fix:

  • Touching water
  • Slightly feathered from square

Square at pause:  Feather at the finish normally, then pause at half slide, then square the blades, then continue to catch.

Flaws to fix:

  • Pausing too early.  I am pausing at 1/4 slide, right when my hands go over my knees.
  • Touching water.  This is mainly caused by a sloppy finish leaving me slightly off balance

Alternating Strokes:  This video starts with a few strokes of slow roll ups, then goes into a 3 stroke alternating sequence.  First is a stroke on the square, then a stroke with a slow roll up, then a normal stroke.  The idea is to extract the blades the same way for each, and then change what is done on the recovery.  I find that the norma strokes feel so good when I do this drill

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