Wednesday: More Technique Work

Lovely morning.  Still not in the mood to row hard.  So, more technique rowing.  Mostly just rowing at r18 to 20 and trying to finish very cleanly.  I am trying to remember the advice from “Sculling in a Nutshell” at the finish.  The author suggests that you think of the arm motion at the finish like the way you use your arms to hoist yourself out of a pool.  Basically, keep steady outward pressure while you push your hands down.  This maintains the stability of your upper body.  I was also trying to keep proper posture in mind throughout, but I would catch myself slouching.  I feel like I should row in some kind of a brace to keep my back straight as a drill sometime.

Look a lot like Tuesday’s session!

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 5.02.35 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 5.02.49 PM

5/20 – steady state
03020_|_0080_|_00:31_|_3:12.5_|_007___|_13.6_|_11.4_|_137___|_chat with Bruce
03100_|_0700_|_03:18_|_2:21.4_|_065___|_19.7_|_10.8_|_146___|_rest of the way to the dam
03800_|_0060_|_00:26_|_3:37.5_|_006___|_13.8_|_10.0_|_110___|_turn around
03860_|_2940_|_14:24_|_2:27.0_|_273___|_19.0_|_10.8_|_151___|_back up to cove
06800_|_0060_|_00:41_|_5:39.2_|_008___|_11.8_|_07.5_|_116___|_turn around
06860_|_2900_|_14:12_|_2:26.9_|_274___|_19.3_|_10.6_|_152___|_back down to dam
09760_|_0040_|_00:18_|_3:48.8_|_004___|_13.1_|_10.0_|_119___|_turn around
09800_|_2880_|_14:05_|_2:26.6_|_271___|_19.3_|_10.6_|_152___|_back to cut
12680_|_1240_|_06:22_|_2:34.0_|_125___|_19.6_|_09.9_|_151___|_cool down

11640_|_56:43_|_2:26.2_|_1087___|_19.2_|_10.7_|_151___|_Main set
00240_|_01:56_|_4:01.5_|_025___|_12.9_|_09.6_|_121___|_rest meters
01240_|_06:22_|_2:34.0_|_125___|_19.6_|_09.9_|_151___|_cool down

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