Saturday: Failed Threshold Workout

Life has definitely gotten in the way of my hobby.  I haven’t had time to log any of my training.  I’ve been barely able to find the time to actually do the training.

I’ve got two sons who are graduating from College.  One last weekend, one next weekend, which is pretty cool.  But is also a big disruption to normal routine.  In addition, work is nuts right now.  Barely able to keep up with everything.

At any rate, last Saturday, I intended to do 4×2500 starting with r24 and clicking up the rate in each of the pieces, ending up with a brilliant and intense 2500m at head race pace and r30.

It didn’t end up that way.  I did the first rep and it was awesome.  Turns out it was awesome because I had nice gentle tail wind.  When I turned around and started grinding out the next rep into the headwind, I folded almost immediately.  I just didn’t have the desire to push that hard.  To add some additional verite to the failure, I filmed the whole thing.  I’ll be posting video snippets later.

What I ended up doing was essentially a weak willed fartlek.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 4.53.52 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 4.53.31 PM

  • 2500m at r24
  • 200m at r26 then bail
  • 1000m at r26
  • 1000m at r26
  • 1000m at r26 (with a break in the middle to chat with another rower)
  • 250m at r28 just to take some video of myself at that rate
  • A slow dejected paddle back to the dock to wallow in my failure.


06680_|_29:29_|_2:12.4_|_730___|_24.8_|_09.2_|_128___|_Main set
02200_|_13:53_|_3:09.3_|_253___|_18.2_|_08.7_|_123___|_rest meters
02400_|_13:24_|_2:47.4_|_258___|_19.3_|_09.3_|_145___|_cool down


So, looking at the paces.  I think I have a pretty good idea about what the problem is.  Even with the tail wind, I was rowing pretty fast at r24.  By comparison, last time I did this session (on May 4th).  I did the first piece with a tail wind at 2:09.3 and 25.5SPM.

If I want to be able to rate up, I have to lighten up my stroke a bit.  Something to work on.

Videos coming later after I get the basic sessions logged.

5 thoughts on “Saturday: Failed Threshold Workout

  1. sanderroosendaal says:

    I was wondering where you were. Congrats on the graduating sons! In strong wind conditions, I feel it is sometimes wiser to replace distance based intervals with time based ones. Otherwise the 11 minute 2k into headwind will feel endless and you end up rowing the headwind intervals with a very different stroke.


    • gregsmith01748 says:

      If only the wind was that strong. It was only about 8 mph or so, and it was only bad in the sections without much wind break. The failure was a weakness in will, not really related to the conditions.


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