Friday: 75′ of steady state

weather:  warm, around 70F and humid.  light wind 5-7 mph from the WSW.  This was a headwind heading up river.

Plan was 2 x 40′ / 4′ @ mp.  MP is 155 to 170W OTW.

My river is not 40 minutes long, so I did this as all the way downstream, quick turn, all the way upstream.  Then the rest, then repeat.  I could get about 36 minutes in each rep this way.  Close enough.  This was supposed to be a HR capped session at 150. I changed my mind and tried to row to a 155 cap, which worked until almost the end.


Workout Summary - media/20170519-151239-SpdCoach 2182533 20170519 0633amo.csv
Workout Details

So, power was OK at the start, but by the third interval, I had to ease up to stay under the cap.  I guess that means that the 15% “OTW Slack” derating is a bout right for me.

The paces for the speedcoach impeller are still a bit slow.  Here’s the GPS pace.

Workout Summary - media/20170519-173116-87736o.csv
Workout Details

4.2, 7.8, 2.3, and totally out of whack for the last interval.  I’m sticking with the idea that the speedcoach is reading about 4 seconds slow.

A few stroke metrics

  • power versus pace.  The bimodality is head wind versus tail wind.
  • pace and power versus distance.  Shows the slow decline in power as I slowed down for the cap and a much more precipitous drop for the pace as the headwind increased.
  • Power and effective length versus distance.  I tried hard to work on maintaining long strokes and just lighten the stroke pressure to slow down.  This was very hard to do.  you can see my stroke getting shorter at the end when I was trying to row with a long, but light stroke.

I’m off to the cape tonight.  Hopefully, the weather will be good for a long row tomorrow.


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