Wednesday: 3×30’/3′ (mp,10kp,mp) – A whole lotta rowing

Weather:  Overcast, 55F, no wind, humid (The Dew Point was 54F!).  Nearly perfect for rowing.


M2 3 x 30′ / 3′ MP, 10KP, MP 90.0% (167)

OTW Power Targets:

  • MP: 155 to 165W
  • 10KP: 180W to 190W

The main problem of this session is doing 30 minute intervals on a stretch of river that is about 15 minutes long.  Each of the intervals had one or two turns in it.  I tried to do these turns as quickly as I could.  I was generally back to full pressure strokes within 40-50 seconds of my last stroke in the other direction.  And the turn itself was reasonably aerobic (or stressful), so my HR stayed high through it.  I tried to extend each of the 30 minute intervals to account for the time lost in the turns, but it seems I shaved a little time off of each of them, based on the collected data.

It was basically 3 complete laps of the river.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 1.31.16 PM.png

The first interval took me down to the damn and most of the way back.  I paddled the 3 minute rest upstream and then turned about 500m from the start.

The second interval took me downstream.  This interval was at higher stroke rate (22) and higher power.  I turned at about 12 minutes, then rowed upstream for 14 minutes, turned again and finished the last 5 minutes or so going downstream again.  I finished in the middle of the s-turn.  I doubled back to before the s-turn during the rest and spun to go back downstream.  The turns were hard to pull off when I was going faster and breathing harder.

The third interval took me down to the dam in about 9 minutes.  Then I turned and rowed all the way back up past the boat house for another 20 minutes.

myimage (8)

Workout Summary - media/20170524-145648-SpdCoach 2182533 20170524 0639amo.csv
Workout Details

I think that I should decrease my OTW slack factor.  Right now I have it at 15% and in today’s session, I was consistently above the band.  The middle interval was 100% above 10kp, evenly split between 5kp and 2kp.  The two mp intervals were similarly above the target zone.  I think that today’s power should be in the middle of the zones.

Todays powers:

  • 10kp : 191.9, 188.6,206.5 –> 192.8W (weighted avg)
  • mp : 177,167.9,171.1,169.4 –> 171.7W (weighted avg)

Changing my slack to 13% brings the 10kp roughly in line.  I am still overachieving a bit on mp.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 1.55.35 PM

The power pie chart was generated with the 13% slack number.

Here’s a collection of stroke metric plots.

  • Power is noisy but pretty consistent through the session.  Pace is all over the place.
  • Drive Length and Effective length is consistent over time and stroke rate

And here are box plot of my sessions so far this spring.  I excluded all open water and technique sessions.  The main thing that jumps out at me is how little change over time I have seen.

Tomorrow:  On the water.  Another long session.  This one a bit easier.

M3 2 x 45′ / 4’30” MP or slower 80.0% (149)


Power target: 160W to 170W.