Thursday: 4 x (6′ @ 5KP, 9′ @ MP)/5′ rest – A terrific workout!

In San Diego at Crossfit DelMar.

The plan was to start getting back into formal marathon training.  I’ll admit I was a little worried about how it would go.  I went to be reasonably early and slept OK.  I felt pretty good in the morning.


  • 6′ @ 5KP (255-240W)
  • 9′ @ MP (180-195W)
  • 5′ rest (it was supposed to be 4′ but I remembered it wrong)
  • repeat 4 times

I don’t even understand why this workout felt so good.  It didn’t feel easy, but my heart rate was nice and low and there was no doubt about being able to handle it.  I was able to increment up the power as I went through the repeats.



Tomorrow:  I’m taking the red eye home tonight.  I’m planning to go for a easy technique row on my way home from the airport.  Probably a lot of SBR maybe a bit of bungee rowing.


Planning an adventure

As I have been struggling with motivation and balancing work, travel, life and training, there has been one consistent bright spot for me.  The thought of doing the Blackburn challenge.  I have been having a blast rowing open water, I like the adventure of it and the newness of it.

So, we are heading back to the cape this weekend, and the weather looks favorable to do a long row.  The forecast for Saturday morning is for partly sunny, around 50F, and light wind from the east.  That is my new favorite wind direction because it is an offshore wind and that keeps the waves under control.

The tide will be low, so I want to stick to deeper water,  That gives me an opportunity to work on rowing to a compass heading and following a planned course.

I laid out a course that is just about 23km (12.5nm).  This is a bit over half the length of the Blackburn Challenge (22nm) , but a good long row.  It should take me just over 2 hours, depending on the sea state.

Here’s the course plan.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 9.27.40 PM.png

For a fun comparison, here’s the annotated course map for the Blackburn.