Wednesday: The longest hour

I took the red eye home and didn’t sleep much at all, very uncomfortable.

I went home, crawled in bed around 8:30 and slept until noon.  I had a couple of conference calls and decided to do an hour on the erg around 3:30.

The plan was to keep it gentle, HR cap at 155.

That required me to row very slowly at the end.  I’m getting a bit depressed at how badly things are going right now.



This morning, I got up and I felt so sore and tired that I just wet back to bed instead of rowing.   I’m at a low point right now.

Tuesday: 30′ run

I’m out in San Francisco for a User Conference.  I snuck out for a quick run in the afternoon.  It was a beautiful afternoon.  Sunny with a bit of a breeze, and the hotel is right on the water near the airport.  I could watch the planes taxiing, taking off and landing while I ran.

The run itself was very hard work.  I guess I’m just in pretty bad shape.



At least I did something.

Back to Boston on the Red eye tonight.  Erg session tomorrow.  4 x 20′ endurance.