3 thoughts on “Video with EmPower Data from yesterday’s row

  1. sanderroosendaal says:

    Sometimes the metrics are hard to see against the sunlight and the white cloud. You did use the downloaded file from rowsandall.com, right? I am confused by your Force numbers. Did you convert them to Lbs?

    I think this looks improved versus last year’s videos. Nice and calm at 24spm. Your knees are a bit far apart in my taste. Would like to see a side video to see where you have room for gaining stroke length.

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    • gregsmith01748 says:

      Once I have a video with the camera right way up, I’ll do some tweaking of the gauge. I think I will do a semi transparent background. I might experiment with some analog gauges for the angles.

      I didn’t do any force conversion, so I’m confused by them too. I have to explore that.

      I was reasonably happy with how my sculling looked. I feel a bit smoother than before. As for the knees, I think that is three things. First, I am working hard for more length. Second, I need to lose 20 pounds. Third, in video I’ve seen of a number of really good scullers I see their knees apart at the catch, so I thought it was an ok thing to do. What is the impact of knees together VS apart?

      Side video will come soon. I’m going to try to do an open water video this Saturday.

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  2. sanderroosendaal says:

    Mystery solved. The CSV file actually stores the force in Lbs. I didn’t change that for compatibility with painsled. So rowsandall.com does the conversion. You have to add a multiplication in the data model.


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