Friday: Groggy 10K of technique

The red eye was pretty miserable.  I was in a seat with extra leg room, but because it was in front an exit row, the seat didn’t recline.  I got some sleep, maybe 2 to 3 hours in fits and starts, but I eventually gave up and just read.

Boston was cloudy, drizzly and about 45F when I landed.  I wasn’t sure if rowing was the best idea, but it seemed to be clearing up a bit, so I went for it.  I’m very glad that I did.  It was glorious out there.  I wasn’t working terribly hard, and I wasn’t out for very long, but I felt a thousand times better when I finished.

The plan for the day was to just do 2 minute intervals of SBR, then 2 minutes of alternating SBR and feathered and then 2 minutes of r20.  It’s sort of become my go to low intensity workout.


I finished 1 lap of the river and had a little bit more time, so I did 6 minutes down river in the 2 minute chunks.  Then I turned around and rowed at r22 back to the cut.  It was about 6 minutes of high UT1 rowing, and it felt nice and clean.  I tried to row it to 190W or so.  I think I’m about 10w different between erg and boat (erg higher for the same HR repsonse).  When I got back to the lagoon when I launch, I did a 30 stroke set at r26.  It sure felt hard.  I was doing that for 30 minutes in head races not that long ago.

Tomorrow:  My big adventure row.

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