10K L4

Slept badly,  my back hurts, a lot on my mind.  Rowing to specific power targets seems a lot simpler to me right now, but my HRs were off the chart on the high side today.

The plan:

  • 10K
  • L4 format, but with distance instead of time
  • 4 x 2500m segments
    • 1000m/750m/500m/250m
    • r18 / r19 / r20 / r21
    • 180W/190W/200W/210W
  • No HR cap.


Distribution of strokes by power


Stroke power versus stroke rate


One of the things that L4 workouts are supposed to do is maintain a constant work per stroke (SPI :-O)


Another way to see if you are maintaining a similar stroke technique as you increase stroke rate is to look at avg to peak power versus stroke rate.


Or the just the peak power.


Both of these show a slight increase as stroke rate increases.

Tomorrow:  I think I will do another bumps workout, but this time doing the slow bits at 2:05.


One thought on “10K L4

  1. sanderroosendaal says:

    Hey, I thought your Force ratio was higher! I remember numbers around 0.67.

    Still, 0.61 is significantly higher than mine. It seems that this ratio is very stable and a function of how you sequence legs, trunk and arms.

    Perhaps another parameter to look at is drive/recovery ratio. It will vary with stroke rate, but at the same rate and power, it may be different for different rowers.


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