Thursday: Short Slide HM

Well, that was quite unsatisfying.

I spent a fair amount of yesterday regretting doing the CTC.  My knee was stiff and painful.  I took some Ibuprofen before bed, but it was still not all together happy with me this morning.

But, I wanted to find out if I could erg without hurting my knee more.  So, I thought that I would try to do a slow half marathon


  • Half Marathon
  • 3/4 slide (using the bandaid to mark max compression
  • Target power 180W
  • HR cap: 155
  • No rate restriction, just try to figure out how to row efficiently with the short slide.

I had a glitch with the PM5/Painsled and only got data for the first 53 minutes, but fortunately, I had my HR backup going. 😉

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 2.00.06 PM.png


Here’s the partial painsled data

Workout Summary - media/20161201-154018-sled_2016-12-01T07-13-18ZEST.strokes.csv
Workout Details


I was curious about how the shorter stroke affected how much force I needed to put into the handle.  These two plots illustrate the difference.  The one on the right is a HM before my injury about 2 weeks ago.  The one on the left is from today.  So, my drive length is about 9 cm shorter (6.3%).  The peak force was 11.9% higher (193.2 vs 172.6).  And this resulted in a average power that was more than 20 watts lower.

For me, this was a very valuable illustration of how important length is to delivering power.  The good news is that my knee held up well and is pretty much pain free right now.  I guess I need to be satisfied with the idea of going slow until my knee is better.

Tomorrow:  Dr’s appt in the morning.  I might have time for a short workout during the day.