Wednesday:2 x 30′ spin

I feel like I’m falling apart.  Maybe it’s psychosomatic.  My knee is clicking away, over the past few weeks I’ve been bothered by some kind of a pinched nerve in my neck that hurts when I try to twist my head around (like to back up a car), and when I sleep.  My most recent complaint is my lower back.  I must have tweaked it when I did my “bumps” workout.  It was a little sore yesterday morning and I ignored it and rowed anyway.  Big mistake.  The rest of the day, I had a constant lower back ache, and if I twisted or leaned wrong, I’d get a sharper jolt of pain.

Anyway, it hurt enough that I had trouble sleeping.  Rolling over was pretty painful.  And I have a lot on my mind. So, I felt pretty lousy at 5:15 this morning when I got up.

I decided that rowing was a bad idea.  So, it would be the tedium of the stationary bike this morning.

The plan:

  • 2 x 30′
  • a couple minutes of stretching between
  • easy pace: UT2 / UT1

The first 30 minutes, I just set the machine to manual and pedaled at level 14.  The second 30 minutes, I did “rolling hills”, which was less scenic than the name implied.

Mission accomplished.

Tomorrow:  Knee Surgery.  Guess we’ll call that a rest day.