Monday: Quick 10K in Munich

I arrived at 5:00AM on the red eye from Boston to Heathrow, and connected to Munich, finally getting there at about 10am.  I had found my train and gotten to my hotel by 11:15.  There was nothing on my calendar until 1:00, so I decided to bolt over to the “Fitness First” next door to the hotel and band out a quick 10K.  I had no real plan, and pretty low expectations since I was working on basically no sleep.

The club has two meticulously maintained model Es with Pm4s.

As you can see from the HR charts, I started a bit slow, then tried to hold at a HR cap around 160.  Then with 2K left to go, I tried to speed up and hold about 210W the rest of the way.  This was hard work.


I’m glad I did it, but it was pretty ugly at the end.