Saturday: 2 x 5K Pushes

I love push workouts.  Almost always, I will do a 10K push, start at a 2:00 pace and then speed up a second every 1000m.  Today, I wanted to do it a bit differently, so I did 2 5K pushes.

  • 2 x 5K push workout
    • First 5K
      • start at 2:00 pace
      • drop the  pace by 2 splits every 1000m
    • 2 min rest (paddle and drink)
    • second 5K
      • start at 2:00 pace
      • drop the pace by one split every 500m
    • No rate restrictions
    • No HR caps

So, I stuck to the pace targets except for the last 1000m of the first rep and the last 500m of the second rep.


It was a good threshold workout. with some good variety of intensity.

It’s fun to look at the metrics for this workout because it is free rate and I just try to find the most efficient rate for each target pace.  It still comes out very close to the kind of increment I see in L4 workouts, about 2 splits per SPM.


On this workout you can see in increase in work per stroke as the stroke rate goes up.  In an L4 workout, this would be nearly constant.


I saw Sander included the avg/pk force ratio in his workout.  I wanted to compare.  Here’s mine.


So, my force ratio was 0.67, versus a 0.56 for Sander.  This is a much larger difference than I was expecting to see.  Here are the two parameters that go into the ratio.

bokeh_plot (96).png

To complete the set.  Here’s drive length.  You can see that I am back to full slide, with no significant knee issues.


This intrigued me, so I looked at drive length versus power and drive length versus SPM.  Nearly constant for both.  I think that’s a good thing.

Sunday: another brief 10K workout.  Probably just an easy L4.

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