Thursday: 30′ warmup and Strength

30′ warmup on  the stationary bike.  Manual setting 15.  This felt harder and my HR rose faster than yesterday’s 60′ session.  That’s what I wanted.

Then a quick shirt change and on to strength training.

Deadlifts with our brand new Trap Bar!


The thing weighs 75 pounds!

Bar only x10
165lbs x10
255lbs x5 x5 x5
(That was really fun.  Never used the trap bar before.  I got more confident in each set.  I think I could go up in weight a bit)

Chin ups
Unassisted x6
Red Band x5 x4
(felt weaker today than on Tuesday, might have been the deadlifts.  They were a bit tough at the end)

Push ups
x12 x12 x7 (fail)
(felt really spent on these, my arms were shaking all over in the last set)

I’m thinking that getting 2 rest days between strength sessions might work better for my purposes right now.

Tomorrow:  60′ Endurance Session

One thought on “Thursday: 30′ warmup and Strength

  1. BalkanBoy says:

    Trap bar is a good tool. Witch one did you get?
    I’ve found that 48h is a must between strength and HIT erg sessions. A full rest day or a steady state depending on intensity.
    Do you have access to a SkiErg? It may be a better alternative to the bike given your knee condition. You’d also be familiar with the PM5, and can use all your metrics and trainings from the RowErg.


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