Tuesday AM: Awful L4 HM

I suspect that I am still feeling the effects of the HM on Sunday night.  This morning was another horrific session.

The plan:

  • Half Marathon
  • L4 format
  • power: 10W x stroke rate
  • HR Cap: 155
  • rate plan:
    • start slow (16spm), and ramp up over first 10 minutes
    • Then 7 x (1000m @ 18, 750m @ 19, 500m @ 20, 250m @ 21)
  • 250m paddle every 5000m

Today the plan lasted only through the first 5000m.  Then I needed to retreat to low rates to keep below the HR cap.  It was slow and miserable work.

After Sander pointed out the higher drag factor (138) from the hard HM I did at home on Sunday, and the struggles I had yesterday at 118, I thought maybe a little higher drag factor would be better.  I moved the level up one to give a drag factor of 128.  It made no difference.  There are so many variables, it’s hard to figure out what the problem is.

  • Different erg
  • warmer at work (68f vs 55f)
  • shirt at work, no shirt at home
  • morning for work, afternoon at home
  • insufficient recovery from hard hm on Sunday

I will just gut through this and then enjoy my day off on Thursday.


This afternoon, I will do a strength session.

Tomorrow morning I’ll do another low and slow HM at home.


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