Tuesday: 3 x 20′ L4 at Fitness Evolution

In San Jose.  My hotel had a deal with the gym across the road.  By some miracle, it had a half dozen well maintained Model D rowers with PM5s.

Plan was to do 4×20 L4, but once I got going, I found that I was working very hard to go very slowly.  I cut it short after an hour.

Here is the row versus time, with pie charts for HR and power.

Compare this to Sunday’s row.  Longer row, higher power, lower Heart rate.

Why the difference:

  • Time of day:  I do better in the afternoon.  Tuesday’s row was at 5:30am.
  • Rest:  I did not sleep well.  I spent 6 hours on a plane on Monday
  • Nutrition:  I had 2 beers the night before the Tuesday Row.  I think that hurts a bit.
  • Environment: Sunday was with a fan and the windows open.  It was 61F in the room when I finished.  Tuesday was in a corner of the club with no airflow.  I left big puddles.

It’s still an impressive difference.  Another reason to use RPE as the guiding principle for endurance intensity.