Saturday: Last row of the season?

It was beautiful out today.  Clear skies and sunny.  Upper 30s at the start, rising to around 45F by the time we finished.  A light wind from the north was a gentle tail wind heading downlake and a head wind heading up lake.  Enough to effect the pace a bit, but not enough to stir up any chop.  I can’t imagine a better day for rowing.

I was in my single and Joe, Heri, Leanne and Pam were in the quad.  I had a simple training plan.

  • Stay with the quad.

All I really wanted to do was row, and I was enjoying the company.  They were going easy sometimes and then doing some power pieces. I just try to match pace with them.  We headed downlake first, at a reasonably hard steady state pace for me.  Then a bit easier heading up lake, although with the head wind, it felt almost as hard.

After the narrows, I could hear when Joe would call for a 10 or a 20 and I would increase the pressure to stay even with them.  We took a brief break just north of the Route 9 bridge, and then continued to the north end of the lake.  From the QRA boathouse, the quad picked up the rate and I matched to them.

We took another break and started to head home.  Joe said that they were going to take it easy until 2/3 of the way home, and then do a hard 500m piece.  Rowing downlake, I got a bit ahead of them and then slowed to a paddle around the start of the 500.  I saw them take up the rate and I waited until they were about a length behind me and I did the same.  Because they were at speed and I was still accelerating, they pulled a little bit ahead of me by the time I was about 20 strokes into it.  I pushed up the rate and I started to claw them back so we were even at 40 strokes.  We finished around stroke 55 for me, and I was maybe a quarter length up on them.  It was fun doing it side by side like that.

Then an easy paddle back to the dock.  After we landed, I took off my rigger and packed my boat into the back of the boathouse for the winter.  😦

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 10.42.21 AM.png


Workout Summary - media/20161119-152227-79032o.csv
Workout Details

I did some quick analysis of the row. Looking at pace versus stroke rate.  These two plots show tail wind and head wind difference.  Tail wind is on the left.  Head wind is on the right.

Finally, here is a view of the last 500m piece.  You can see my rate and pace increasing at the beginning.


Tomorrow:  L3 half marathon.  Aiming to do a bit better than the 1:23:33 from last week.

Friday PM: L4 HM

I picked up my boat on my way home from work to bring to the lake out in worcester tomorrow morning, and got home around 7:30.  I was on the erg by about 8.


  • Half Marathon
  • L4 format (but using distance)
  • power:  10W * stroke rate
  • HR cap: 155 (again, not even close)
  • paddle the first 97 meters to get to an even 21000, then do it in 2500m blocks
  • First 2500m build up from 160W
  • After that, push it a bit more than yesterday
    • 750m at 180W
    • 750m at 190W
    • 750m at 200W
    • 250m at 210W
  • take a 250 paddle every 5000m with a quick drink.


Again, a terrifically low HR through the whole workout, even though it was 5W higher effort, and on top of that it was my second session today.  Wow, I love working out at night.

The HR shows a little bit more ut1 than yesterday and a fair amount more time in power at.

For fun, here is the HR comparison of yesterday and today’s sessions. (Thanks!)


So, even with higher effort, HR is the same in the first half of the workout.  The HR in the third 5000m block was brought lower by a longer than intended rest to deal with my low battery problem on the phone, and I am basically in the same place in the last 5000m block.

By the way, I am back on painsled.  The bug I saw yesterday is caused by using the ANT+ and BT at the same time on the PM5.  Today, I used the BT connection for the HR and it was a lot happier.

Tomorrow:  It looks like there are 5 people signed up including me.  Maybe a couple of doubles and a single?  Weather forecast is pretty good for this time of year, 40F, clear and 5 mph wind.