Friday PM: L4 HM

I picked up my boat on my way home from work to bring to the lake out in worcester tomorrow morning, and got home around 7:30.  I was on the erg by about 8.


  • Half Marathon
  • L4 format (but using distance)
  • power:  10W * stroke rate
  • HR cap: 155 (again, not even close)
  • paddle the first 97 meters to get to an even 21000, then do it in 2500m blocks
  • First 2500m build up from 160W
  • After that, push it a bit more than yesterday
    • 750m at 180W
    • 750m at 190W
    • 750m at 200W
    • 250m at 210W
  • take a 250 paddle every 5000m with a quick drink.


Again, a terrifically low HR through the whole workout, even though it was 5W higher effort, and on top of that it was my second session today.  Wow, I love working out at night.

The HR shows a little bit more ut1 than yesterday and a fair amount more time in power at.

For fun, here is the HR comparison of yesterday and today’s sessions. (Thanks!)


So, even with higher effort, HR is the same in the first half of the workout.  The HR in the third 5000m block was brought lower by a longer than intended rest to deal with my low battery problem on the phone, and I am basically in the same place in the last 5000m block.

By the way, I am back on painsled.  The bug I saw yesterday is caused by using the ANT+ and BT at the same time on the PM5.  Today, I used the BT connection for the HR and it was a lot happier.

Tomorrow:  It looks like there are 5 people signed up including me.  Maybe a couple of doubles and a single?  Weather forecast is pretty good for this time of year, 40F, clear and 5 mph wind.



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