Monday: Slow Slog HM

I was shattered the rest of the night yesterday evening.  I felt absolutely empty.  I felt very tired and I was in bed by 10:15, but I slept a bit fitfully.  I have a pain in my shoulder blade which must be related to something in my neck because I get shooting pains when I turn my head especially to the right.  This is causing me some troubles when I turn over in bed.

I woke up at 5:15 feeling sore and tired.  I got to work and I was on the erg by about 6:30.

The plan:

  • Half Marathon
  • L4 format
  • power: 10W x stroke rate
  • rate plan:
    • Start slow at 16spm, get up to working rate over the first 10 minutes
    • Then 7 x
      • 1000m @ 18
      • 750m @ 19
      • 500m @ 20
      • 250m @21
  • HR Cap 155

The plan ended up lasting through the first 7500m minutes.  After that, I was approaching the cap, and feeling pretty crappy.  I did 2500 minutes at 17 to finish the block, and then rowed the last 10000m at 18.  Even with this reduced load, I was still pushing up to the cap at the end.  I have had rows where I felt like I was gliding along effortlessly, this was NOT one of those rows.  It was slow and nasty work.



Workout Summary - media/20161121-135125-sled_2016-11-21T06-42-50ZEST.strokes.csv
Workout Details
02|02500|10:28.1|02:05.6|177.0|17.3|128.4|140.0|13.8 - slow start
03|02500|10:07.5|02:01.5|195.6|19.2|144.1|150.0|12.8 - target 190W
04|02500|10:06.4|02:01.3|195.8|19.2|142.7|155.0|12.9 - target 190W
05|02500|10:27.3|02:05.5|177.4|17.3|147.4|155.0|13.8 - target 170W
06|02500|10:17.6|02:03.5|185.3|18.5|144.5|150.0|13.1 - target 180W
07|02500|10:20.2|02:04.0|183.4|18.2|152.4|154.0|13.3 - target 180W
08|02500|10:19.2|02:03.8|183.9|18.4|147.9|154.0|13.1 - target 180W
09|02500|10:21.2|02:04.2|182.6|18.1|154.7|158.0|13.3 - target 180W

Tomorrow:  AM:  HM L4, PM: strength

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