Tuesday PM: Strength

Squat (could potentially go up in weight, but I think I will shift to Deadlifts for a couple weeks)
45 x10
135 x6
185 x6 x6 x7
Chin ups (pleased to squeeze out another rep unassisted, felt stronger)
unassisted x4
Red band x6 x4 x4
Cleans (new exercise, at 145, I couldn’t hold form, so I backed off.  Still felt the burn in my quads in the last set.  I need to tape myself doing these and make sure my back is right)
Bar x6
95 x6
145 fail
115 x6 x6 x6
AB rollouts x8 x8 x8  (holy moly these hurt a lot!)
Push-up x10 x10 x10 (my thumb joint has been hurting when I did pushups, so today I tried them on some twisty handle pad things.  The pushups felt harder because my hands could rotate, but it didn’t hurt my thumbs)
Tomorrow:  I think I will try to pack an sprinty workout into a HM.  I’m sick of all this slow stuff.  So, it will be a 5097m warmup, then 8 x 750 with 750 rest (12K) and a 4K cool down.

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