Friday: 2 x 500 taper

I got home around 2am.  I slept until around 7:30, did some email and other work, and then around 9:30 went to do a quick session, just to keep from feeling stale tomorrow.


  • Fletcher warmup
  • 2 x 500
    • 2:30 rest
    • Pace target: <1:40
    • Rate target: >30
  • Easy cool down

First was the warmup.  It felt comfortable and my HR was reasonably low.


Then into the two 500s.  The first one was pretty comfortable.  The second was a bit more on the edge.


Then a 3000m cool down.  I used painsled today and I discovered what causes it to lose a session.  While I was cooling down, I got a phone call (that I ignored).  After that, painsled seemed to lose itself and did not log the session.  I think I’ll stick with ergdata.

Here’s the HR for the whole session from Wahoo Fitness.

Tomorrow is my race, at 10am.

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