Week #9 – Training Review

Date Day Workout Type mode Planned Workout Actual
9/5/16 Mon Rest 4×20′ erg
80′ LIT
9/6/16 Tue Long Intervals otw 5 x 2000 / 5′ rest r28
40′ HIT
30′ LIT
 sept CTC
17′ HIT
25′ LIT
9/7/16 Wed Steady State otw 4 x 2900 / 1′ rest r20 (HR limit 150)
75′ LIT
 as planned
75′ LIT
9/8/16 Thu Short Rest Intervals otw 5 x 20@32/10 off / 5 x 20@34/15 off / 5 x 20@36/20 off, 8′ between sets
15′ HIT
45′ LIT
4×20′ on erg
80′ LIT
9/9/16 Fri Technique UT2/UT1 otw Bungee Row first half, Steady state r20 second half
75′ LIT
Threshold OTW
5km hard plus power pieces
30′ HIT
30′ LIT
9/10/16 Sat Hard Distance otw 5.5K r30
30′ LIT
Rest Day
on the Cape, cleaning a deck
9/11/16 Sun long and easy erg 4 x 30′ / 1.5′ rest (lactate)
120′ LIT
 90′ step test
Summary  85′ HIT
375′ LIT
 47′ HIT
360′ LIT

Again, I am low on high intensity minutes, caused by 2 HIT sessions in the week instead of three.

I am surprising on track for LIT minutes, which is a bit surprising.  I didn’t do the mammoth Sunday row I had planned, but I did 4 endurance sessions instead of 3.

The plan had me at 18% HIT / 82% LIT.  This week was 12% HIT and 88% LIT.  A lot of the things that I’ve read seem to point toward a lower percentage of HIT in a polarized plan.   Given what’s been happening with my training this fall, I guess we will eventually find out if it works for me.

Tuesday: 74 minutes of Steady State

Weather:  Awesome.  Clear, cool.  A very light breeze from SW, barely noticeable until the last segment when it built enough to slow me down.


  • Recover from yesterday’s intense session
  • >70′ steady state
  • rate: 20 spm
  • pace: ~2:30
  • HR cap: < 155

I had trouble getting organized this morning.  I was late leaving the house.  I needed to stop on the way to the boathouse to use the bathroom.  There was goose poop all over the dock (luckily I am now carrying a broom in my mobile boathouse).  And I managed to forgot my “Bite Guards” in my duffel and didn’t realize it until I was twenty strokes from the dock.  I wanted to row with them because I had some raw spots from the double yesterday that I didn’t want to irritate further.  Oh well.

I am also still struggling with the speedcoach.  I need to recalibrate the pace, and the HR pickup antenna has come loose from the bottom of the seat deck.  It’s been a problem finding time to do this kind of routine stuff because I am pressed for time in the mornings during the week and skipping off to the cape on weekends.  Oh well, I am more and more happy with the the way that RIM is working.  The pace seems much more responsive than CrewNerd in the boat, and the live acceleration graph definitely keeps me focused on form later in each session.  You can definitely tell from it when you are shortening the stroke, or rushing the catch and a myriad of other issues.

Today’s workout was almost entirely uneventful.  I would like to be faster, but I have to be realistic about making progress when I have other priorities that reduce the time I have to train.

First Interval, for some reason HR data wasn’t working in RIM
|Start|Dist_|Time_|_Pace__|_SPM__|avg HR|DPS_|Remarks
|00010|01090|05:49|02:40.1| 19.6 | 000 |09.6|warmup
|01100|02969|14:24|02:25.5| 20.5 | 000 |10.0|rep #1
|04069|00076|01:12|07:53.7| 16.5 | 000 |03.8|turn

|Start|Dist_|Time_|_Pace__|_SPM__|avg HR|DPS_|Remarks
|00000|01090|05:49|02:40.1| 19.6 | 000 |09.6|warmup
|00000|02969|14:24|02:25.5| 20.5 | 000 |10.0|main set
|00000|00076|01:12|07:53.7| 16.5 | 000 |03.8|rests



So, I restarted RIM and that seemed to fix it. Here’s the data for the reps 2 through 4.
|Start|Dist_|Time_|_Pace__|_SPM__|avg HR|DPS_|Remarks
|00059|02909|14:18|02:27.5| 19.7 | 144 |10.3|rep #2
|02968|00061|01:10|09:33.8| 16.9 | 127 |03.1|turn
|03029|02939|14:12|02:24.9| 19.9 | 149 |10.4|rep #3
|05968|00036|00:52|12:02.2| 16.3 | 144 |02.6|turn
|06004|02956|15:09|02:33.8| 19.9 | 149 |09.8|rep #4
|08960|01130|06:31|02:53.0| 20.6 | 140 |08.4|back to dock

|Start|Dist_|Time_|_Pace__|_SPM__|avg HR|DPS_|Remarks
|00000|08804|43:39|02:28.7| 19.8 | 147 |10.2|main set
|00000|00097|02:02|10:28.9| 16.6 | 134 |02.9|rests
|00000|01130|06:31|02:53.0| 20.6 | 140 |08.4|cool down

Put all the reps together and the pace is 2:27.9.  Not bad for the HR I guess.

Now I am on a plane over Oklahoma, on my way to LA.  I have customer meetings tomorrow and Thursday morning.  My plan is to drop in on Crossfit Anaerobic in Newport Beach and use an erg.  My workout plan for  the week is a bit disrupted, and I have my first head race this weekend.

The plan was

  • Monday:  rest
  • Tuesday: Threshold 4×2500
  • Wednesday: Steady State
  • Thursday: Short rest intervals 4 x (3′ on / 1′ paddle) 2′ rest
  • Friday: Warmup Only
  • Saturday: CRI Fall Classic

The new plan is

  • Monday:  Threshold – 5.5km hard on Quinsig
  • Tuesday: 75′ steady state
  • Wednesday: Short Rest Intervals (on the erg)
  • Thursday: Steady State 4 x 20′ (on the erg)
  • Friday: Warmup only
  • Saturday: Race Day!

I’m not tapering for this race, I think it’s more important to keep working on endurance for the races later in the schedule.