Week #9 – Training Review

Date Day Workout Type mode Planned Workout Actual
9/5/16 Mon Rest 4×20′ erg
80′ LIT
9/6/16 Tue Long Intervals otw 5 x 2000 / 5′ rest r28
40′ HIT
30′ LIT
 sept CTC
17′ HIT
25′ LIT
9/7/16 Wed Steady State otw 4 x 2900 / 1′ rest r20 (HR limit 150)
75′ LIT
 as planned
75′ LIT
9/8/16 Thu Short Rest Intervals otw 5 x 20@32/10 off / 5 x 20@34/15 off / 5 x 20@36/20 off, 8′ between sets
15′ HIT
45′ LIT
4×20′ on erg
80′ LIT
9/9/16 Fri Technique UT2/UT1 otw Bungee Row first half, Steady state r20 second half
75′ LIT
Threshold OTW
5km hard plus power pieces
30′ HIT
30′ LIT
9/10/16 Sat Hard Distance otw 5.5K r30
30′ LIT
Rest Day
on the Cape, cleaning a deck
9/11/16 Sun long and easy erg 4 x 30′ / 1.5′ rest (lactate)
120′ LIT
 90′ step test
Summary  85′ HIT
375′ LIT
 47′ HIT
360′ LIT

Again, I am low on high intensity minutes, caused by 2 HIT sessions in the week instead of three.

I am surprising on track for LIT minutes, which is a bit surprising.  I didn’t do the mammoth Sunday row I had planned, but I did 4 endurance sessions instead of 3.

The plan had me at 18% HIT / 82% LIT.  This week was 12% HIT and 88% LIT.  A lot of the things that I’ve read seem to point toward a lower percentage of HIT in a polarized plan.   Given what’s been happening with my training this fall, I guess we will eventually find out if it works for me.

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