Thursday: 4 x 20′ / 1′ rest

At Crossfit Anaerobic again this morning.  I got there a bit later and there were very few people there.  I dragged an erg over in front of a truly enormous boxed fan.  Really it had to be at least 6 feet in diameter and it was right in front of an open exterior door.  I had the most wonderful breeze for the whole workout.


  • 4×20′
  • 1′ rests
  • target power: 185W
  • target rate: 19-20
  • HR cap: 155.  (actually, I was hoping to be at lower numbers at the end of each interval because I know that CV drift will tend to push me up through the whole workout.  So, if I was above 145 at the end of the first interval, I was planning to drop the power down.  Same thing if I was above 150 at the end of the second.

I was dubious about how I would do today because I was out late for a big dinner (beer, wine, grappa, steak, appetizers, dessert).  I felt hot and sweaty all night long as my body tried to metabolize all of that, and I woke up feeling less than my best.  But just the walk from the hotel over to the crossfit box improved my mood and attitude.  It’s a beautiful morning here.

The workout turned out just fine.  I tried to hit 185W as close as I could, and I paid attention to my HR.  It stayed nice and low through the whole workout, rising slowly to a maximum of about 150 by the end of the last interval.  The average power for the session was 186.



This afternoon I am flying back to Boston, arriving after midnight.  I’m planning to sleep in a bit on Friday.  I’ll do a fletcher warmup and a couple of 500s as a partial taper for the race on Saturday.  I’m pretty excited.  I’ve never raced in a double before.  I think it will be a blast!

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