Friday: 2K Test


  1. On slides
  2. 20 minute warmup with power 20s at race pace
  3. 2K test
    1. Time target: 6:48
    2. Pacing: Flat pacing at 1:42
    3. Rate: 32 to 34
  4. 20 minute cool down

2k Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 8.27.10 AM

6:50.4…Not terrible, but not as good as I could have done.  I had a little breakdown around 800 meters.  I was fully prepared for “the wave”.  When I do more speed work, I get used to the crisis moment that hits around then.  Kind of a combination pain, chills, nausea, drowning feeling that passes over the course of about 10 strokes.  Anyway, it hit me hard today and I paused before I really knew what was going on.  I started going again almost immediately and finished without any more drama.  Kind of a lame and it definitely cost me about 3 or 4 seconds off the time.

But as a marker for the start of the indoor season, it isn’t so bad.  I ranked it for fun and it’s 18 out 778 in my age group (97th %-ile).  I think with a month or so of base work, and then a couple months of sharpening, taking 3 seconds off my splits is entirely feasible.  I’d like to build a plan to be within striking distance of my 2K PB by the crash-bs.

Tomorrow:  3×20’/1′ steady state at 190W.

8 thoughts on “Friday: 2K Test

  1. Richard says:

    I am currently SS at 136 Watts you are 190 Watts (going off of your on slides measurement from 9th Nov).

    My 2k 267 Watts 50.9% as of yesterday yours today 324 Watts 58.6%.

    That makes my SS 50.9% of my 2k watts and yours 58.6% does this tell us anything?
    I was hoping for a similar percentage but that hasn’t worked out, D’oh!


    • gregsmith01748 says:

      The ratio of 2K to SS watts should give you an idea of how aerobic you are. In general, I think a lower ratio is probably a good thing because it means that you are able to carry a higher power while maintaining a lactate level below 2.0mmol/l.

      But I guess there are probably reasonable limits to how low you would want to ratio to be. I think it means that if you worked on some short sprints and power training that you would reap a pretty good improvement in your 2K time. For me, it means that I need a lot more meters at <2.0mmol/l to build a better engine.


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