Sunday: 60′ Steady State (3×20’/1′ rest)

My wife and I had plans in the afternoon, so I jumped on the erg as soon as I got up to get some meters in.  I was quite sore from the race on Saturday.  My ribs, my adductors and my arms were all quite sore.  I guess there was a lot of “conventional” movements.

Like Saturday afternoon, I started at lower power and ramped up over 15 minutes.  Again, my HR stayed nice and low.  A little bit of drift in the last 20 minutes.  Lactates were 1.2 at 20′, 1.1 at 40′, and weirdly 3.2 at 60 minutes.  It might have been a blown reading, but it might indicate that I had crossed over to building up some lactate in the last few minutes of the last 20′.  No matter.  I think rowing at a 2:04 (183W) pace for steady state until I see <2.0 at 80′ is the safe bet for now.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 1.10.04 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 1.09.34 PM

Workout Summary – Oct 06, 2015
–_|_14337_|_60:00.0_|_02:05.5_|_176.9_|_17.9_|_129.5_|_ 60.6% _|_13.3_|_09.9
Workout Details

01_|_01118_|_05:00.0_|_02:14.2_|_144.9_|_16.2_|_105.0_|_ 43.3% _|_13.8_|_08.9
02_|_01159_|_05:00.0_|_02:09.4_|_161.4_|_17.4_|_119.3_|_ 53.4% _|_13.3_|_09.3
03_|_01204_|_05:00.0_|_02:04.6_|_181.1_|_18.2_|_127.4_|_ 59.2% _|_13.2_|_09.9
04_|_01208_|_05:00.0_|_02:04.2_|_182.7_|_18.0_|_130.2_|_ 61.1% _|_13.4_|_10.2
05_|_04822_|_20:00.0_|_02:04.4_|_181.7_|_18.2_|_131.0_|_ 61.7% _|_13.2_|_10.0
06_|_04827_|_20:00.0_|_02:04.3_|_182.2_|_18.1_|_136.2_|_ 65.4% _|_13.3_|_10.1

3 thoughts on “Sunday: 60′ Steady State (3×20’/1′ rest)

    • gregsmith01748 says:

      Two data points. In 2014, I was training at 200W and my season best 2K was 6:37.6 (355W). A ratio of 56%. I haven’t done an all out 2K for a while, but I think I would probably pull about a 6:48 right now, which is 330W. If you take 180W as my training power, that is 54%. So, an initial guess of 55% would be a starting point.


    • gregsmith01748 says:

      Interesting change from then to now. I was at about 80% of HRR at the end of the 200W workouts and I am at 75% at the end of the 180W workouts, but with similar lactates. Shows the change of HR correlation to lactate as fitness improves.


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