Tuesday: 4 x 2500 / 5′ rest

It was COLD this morning.  About 28F, with a thick layer of frost on the dock.  After I finished rowing I noticed that the water on my oar blades was frozen when I put them into my car.  They were lying on the dock or about 10 minutes while I put away my boat.  That’s cold.

It was also dark.  I could not see very well until I was on the water for about 15 minutes and the sun got a little closer to rising.  On my way out of the lagoon where I launch, I saw that one of the fours from Brandeis had rowed way off into the weeds in the dark and was stuck up against the shore line.  That’s how dark it was.

Plan for today:

  1. 4 x 2500 / 5′ rest
  2. pace target: 2:10
  3. rate target: 28

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 2.39.29 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 2.39.13 PM

01000_|_0580_|_02:41_|_2:18.6_|_063___|_23.5_|_09.2_|_151___|_false start
01580_|_2200_|_09:39_|_2:11.6_|_257___|_26.6_|_08.6_|_164___|_Interval #1
04000_|_2500_|_11:07_|_2:13.4_|_307___|_27.6_|_08.1_|_168___|_Interval #2
07000_|_2500_|_11:02_|_2:12.5_|_311___|_28.2_|_08.0_|_168___|_Interval #3
10000_|_2500_|_11:09_|_2:13.7_|_314___|_28.2_|_08.0_|_168___|_Interval #4
12500_|_1460_|_08:38_|_2:57.3_|_164___|_19.0_|_08.9_|_134___|_cool down
09700_|_42:57_|_2:12.8_|_1189___|_27.7_|_08.2_|_167___|_Main set
01800_|_12:11_|_3:22.9_|_225___|_18.5_|_08.0_|_133___|_rest meters
01460_|_08:38_|_2:57.3_|_164___|_19.0_|_08.9_|_134___|_cool down

So, I am a bit disappointed.  Last time I did this workout (September 22nd), I managed a 2:11.1 avg pace.   Today, was 2:12.8, with roughly the same HR. I’m not sure why.  There was a little bit of cross wind, but not enough to really write home about.  I think I was just having trouble getting the boat up to pace.

One small issue was during the first interval.  I wanted to let the coach from Brandeis know about the stuck four, but they were already heading down river by the time I got to the start point for my interval.  So I cranked it up, but then stopped to talk to the coach once I caught up around the 400m point.  I extended the interval until I ran out of river, but ended up a couple hundred meters short.  The rest of the time, I just couldn’t find that extra second of pace.

Oh well.  Tomorrow is another day.  At least I didn’t quit on the intervals or blow up.

Tomorrow:  Steady State

Monday: 14K steady state + drills

It was cold this morning.  There was frost on the dock when I launched and it was still there when I got back.  There was a light, shifty breeze, but not much of it and the water was deliciously flat.

I started out fully outfitted for the cold.  long tights, 3 layers on top, hat and pogies.  I took off the pogies after the first 4K, otherwise I needed to keep all the layers on.

There is a long thread going over on Rowing Illustrated about the “Scullers Catch”.  Basically, it has devolved into a somewhat pedantic argument over squaring early, versus late, and how quickly one can bury the blades.  I dipped a toe into the conversation and was ultimately rewarded with a couple of interesting drills.

Row , pause every other stroke at half slide, square the blade and go take the catch at full slide . Once you have a hang of that you will have a good feel for placing the blade. Then try it at 3/4

Row half slide for a min, then 3/4 slide for a min, then full slide for a min, then go to alternating half , 3/4 and full slide. Works timing of the front end.

Work on placing the blade at zero pressure and then just accelerate to half pressure , then to 3/4 , then full. Let the speed of the boat dictate your rhythm.

I tried the first one today.  I started each piece with about 20 strokes or so doing a pause/square drill.  It was very challenging.  I needed to finish very cleanly and get the blades off the water.  Then I needed to square the blades with enough clearance to miss the water with the bottom edge of the blade, and smoothly continue to the catch.  I would guess that I did it cleanly about 1/5 of the strokes.  About 3/5 of the strokes, I touched water lightly on one or both side after I squared.  The remaining 1/5, I would catch serious water on one side upon squaring and really screw up the catch.  It certainly helped to reinforce balance and oar control.

Other than that, it was just a nice row, with good heart rate discipline, and reasonably fast pace too.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 4.54.32 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 4.54.09 PM


09040_|_43:45_|_2:25.2_|_887___|_20.3_|_10.2_|_143___|_Main set