Wednesday: 60 minutes in a hot fitness center

At the Residence Inn in Munich.  Fitness Center contains 2 treadmills, 1 crosstrainer, 1 recumbent stationary bike, a rack of dumbells and a universal cable weight machine.

Very hot in the room, maybe 26 or 27C.

I elected to do.

  1. 30′ incline walk on treadmill.  Max incline (15%), Started at 3.0mph for 5min, then increased to 3.5.  Objective was to slowly bring HR to 65% to 70% of HRR and stay there.
  2. 30′ stationary bike.  Lazy man’s intervals.  Target was average HR in the same 65% to 70% range.  Ended up a little bit lower than that because the level adjustment on the machine was not cooperating.

HR sensor linked fine to the equipment via ANT+, but the BT function seems to not be working.  The battery cover on it is also pretty much shot, so I bought a Wahoo Tickr on Amazon yesterday.  Hopefully it will be waiting for me at home.

My HR during the incline walk rose slowly and finally hit 65% HRR about 15 minutes into it.  With about 5 minutes left, it was right up at 70% HRR (144) and briefly went above that for the last couple of minutes.

On the bike, my HR was up in the right range when I was in the intervals and coasted down into the mid 120s during the easy parts.  It was still sweaty work in the hot gym, but I wish I could have adjusted the level.

Tomorrow:  Probably the same thing.