A few sprints on a treadmill

Still in Munich. Fitness center is still hot as hell. 

Today, I had two objectives. Another hour or so of endurance training, plus a few 1′ intervals. I am not really tapering for the race this weekend, but I felt like doing a few intense sprints would be beneficial to keep some intensity. 

I started at a fast walk and a 10% grade for 5′, then I went to a jog for another 5 minutes, and continued to add speed at 15′. At 20′, I slowed down to a walk for a minute, and then cranked to incline to max (15%) and sped up to 6 mph for a “hill sprint”. I did a minute, which was enough to push my HR above 170. Then I did 4 minutes of active rest at 2mph and 15% incline. Then another minute at 6mph. Then 4 more minutes of rest, then a final minute. I felt like puking after that, so I guess I was doing them right. I finished on the treadmill with a 5′ cool down. 

Then I hopped on the recumbent stationary bike and did an easy 30′ with a HR cap of 150 (75% HRR). 

Tomorrow: basically the same thing, but only two sprints. Then I fly home, arriving at 7pm. Then I race Saturday afternoon.