Monday: Taper Day 1 — 4 x 500

Glorious morning.  Fall foliage, temps in the low 50s, very light wind from the SW.  Sparkling clear sky.  So pretty I took a picture.

2015-10-12 07.57.12


  1. 4 K warmup include a few 20s at race pace or faster.
  2. 4 x 500m / 500m rest at faster than race pace and higher than race rate
  3. Try to set up these intervals so that steering is required to get more comfortable with really lining up bridges and turns at full pressure.

Today I discovered that the Wahoo tickr is not compatible with the Speedcoach XL2 HR sensor pickup.  The Tickr is ANT+ and the XL2 is Polar compatible.  Ugh.  Now I need to pick up a new H7.  Anyway, the first plot is HR and stroke rate from RIM on the iphone and the second is pace and rate from the speedcoach.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 10.41.21 AM Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 10.36.47 AM


02000_|_08:08_|_2:01.9_|_236___|_29.0_|_08.5_|_000___|_Main set
01500_|_08:51_|_2:57.0_|_169___|_19.1_|_08.9_|_000___|_rest meters
04340_|_23:04_|_2:39.4_|_472___|_20.5_|_09.2_|_000___|_cool down

The pace was pretty good, but the steering was less than perfect.  On my first interval, I cut through the bridge at a bit too much of an angle and banged my oar blade against the abutment, This happened on my second to last stroke and clearly showed that I was careful enough with my line.   On the second interval, I set up to go through the s-turn.  I thought I had taken a good line, but at the pace I was rowing, it took a lot more pressure to try to stay on the desired line.  This was good practice, because I rated up, really reached out with my port oar and hauled the bow around.  The good news was that I was able to keep the pace while I made the adjustment.  The third interval was a straight shot.  The fourth finished right at the bridge, and I did a good job lining up for the right arch and I didn’t hit anything this time. 😉

This finished it off for me, but I decided to take one more power 20 back through the bridge along the exact path where I had my brush with the abutment.  This one went just fine.

In both the warmup and the cool down, I did a lot of square blade rowing and slow roll ups, working on balance and finishes. By the end of the session, I was getting a lot more clearance on the recovery.  I’ll keep doing that too.

Tomorrow:  3 x 500.  I think I will do all of them under the bridge.