More of the same: 3 x 30′ fitness center Tri-athlon

A little cooler in the fitness center, but still very moist.  I started out thinking I would do another 2 hours, but I got bored and stopped after 90 minutes.


  1. 30′ Incline Treadmill (15% grade was the max setting, and around 5.5km/h fast walking pace)
  2. 30′ Elliptical (two hill profile)
  3. 30′ recumbent stationary bike (easy interval profile)

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 7.44.14 AM

Today is my last day in Taiwan.  I take a cab to the airport at 7:30.  I think I will try to do another 90 minutes before I check out.  This week won’t have helped my rowing at all, but I hope it will help a bit with my endurance.

The trip home will take about 24 hours or so, arriving Friday night.  I hope to do a long row on the HOCR course on Saturday.

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