More of the same: 3 x 30′ fitness center Tri-athlon

A little cooler in the fitness center, but still very moist.  I started out thinking I would do another 2 hours, but I got bored and stopped after 90 minutes.


  1. 30′ Incline Treadmill (15% grade was the max setting, and around 5.5km/h fast walking pace)
  2. 30′ Elliptical (two hill profile)
  3. 30′ recumbent stationary bike (easy interval profile)

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 7.44.14 AM

Today is my last day in Taiwan.  I take a cab to the airport at 7:30.  I think I will try to do another 90 minutes before I check out.  This week won’t have helped my rowing at all, but I hope it will help a bit with my endurance.

The trip home will take about 24 hours or so, arriving Friday night.  I hope to do a long row on the HOCR course on Saturday.

Wednesday: The Formosa sweatfest – 2 hours of aerobic tedium

I have figured it out.  They seem to turn the AC on in the fitness center around 7am.  Before that, it is warm and incredibly steamy.  After they turn it on, it seems to take about 30 minutes to make much headway in reducing the humidity.  Since I hit the gym around 5:15AM, I did most of the workout in the fetid, steamy soup.


  1. 60′ Elliptical
  2. 60′ Stationary bike
  3. HR cap at 155

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 7.44.39 AM

Reasonably happy with that.  It was a looong, boring session, but I think I got the intensity about right.  When I finished on the bike, I discovered I had mad a huge sweat puddle under it almost 2 meters in diameter.  It took two towels to clean it all up.  I wanted to get a picture of it, but the lighting was wrong to really see the extent of the flood.

Tomorrow:  4×30′ on four different machines.  HR cap at 155.