Back to it: 14K steady state

Weather:  Foggy when I launched, but it lifted over the first 15 minutes that I was rowing and turned into a beautiful, sunny morning.  Basically no wind and warm, in the high 60s.  It would have been great if we had this weather yesterday!

When I went to go get my boat, I saw this guy on the path.

2015-06-22 06.20.28

I see him almost every morning, but today he sat still long enough for me to take his portrait.

But I digress…back to the rowing!

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 9.35.53 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 9.35.30 AM

06900_|_2800_|_13:58_|_2:29.6_|_261___|_18.7_|_10.7_|_146___|_Quick stop to deweed impeller
09700_|_2980_|_14:43_|_2:28.2_|_279___|_18.9_|_10.7_|_151___|_up stream
12680_|_1240_|_07:46_|_3:08.1_|_145___|_18.7_|_08.6_|_139___|_cool down

11580_|_57:01_|_2:27.7_|_1071___|_18.8_|_10.8_|_147___|_Main set
01240_|_07:46_|_3:08.1_|_145___|_18.7_|_08.6_|_139___|_cool down

Not much to say about that.  I noticed in the video from yesterday that I was not getting as much reach as I should have been, so today, I tried to really get to full extension of my arms.  I was also working on trying to keep my blades from going up right before the catch so that I miss less water.

I am wondering if the Concept2 fat2s are the wrong blades for me.  I have them about as short as they can go, and even with a lot of inboard, they still feel quite heavy at the catch.  Also, with the amount of inboard that I have, I suspect that I am not getting as good of a catch angle as I should.  Those Croker Arrows sure look like nice blades.

Tomorrow:  4×1000.  Target pace: 2:10.  I want to work on form at higher stroke rates, but not push myself to the brink.

Next race is in 3 weeks, so I want to do 2 hard weeks and then another quick taper.

2 thoughts on “Back to it: 14K steady state

  1. sanderroosendaal says:

    Nice recovery session. Regarding your comment on my blog, I notice sometimes how you write about seeing another sculler, and then nearly always catching up with him (even quads and doubles). It seems there are not many fast people out there at the times that you train, which can be lonely. I agree that finding a coach for a session, or a one-time sparring partner, would be a good idea, to spice up things.
    But hey, we, your blog readers, are virtually rowing with you, looking over your shoulder for every stroke you take. We may not be many, but be assured we are interested.
    Take the plunge, come and compete in Hazewinkel:


    • gregsmith01748 says:

      I think to find people to row with, I would need to join a club down in Boston or Cambridge. There are many people that are as fast or faster than I am, but not where and when I am rowing.

      As for Hazewinkel, I think I have to get a lot better at this before I go to world’s. I feel like I would just embarrass myself at this point.


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