Wednesday: r20 steady state – tired with cross wind

Conditions:  Sunny, 65F, less humid.  Wind W  7-10 mph.  This was mainly a cross wind, but seemed like a head wind no matter which way I was rowing.


I went and looked at the appropriate biorow newsletter which covers the impact of wind on boat speed and I was surprised by how much cross wind effected speed as soon as it wasn’t a perfect cross wind.

Here are the relevant plots.  (Reference: Volume 9 No 105 Rowing Biomechanics Newsletter December 2009)

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 1.49.20 PM

So, with a wind 60 degrees off the bow at 4m/s (9 mph), the speed impact will be about 7% or maybe 8 seconds on pace.  As a pure headwind, it is a 13% impact (18 seconds on pace).

In any case, I was certainly not happy with how hard I had to work to make the boat go very slowly today, so I am looking for reasons why.

Plan for today:

  1. Steady State, r20
  2. HR cap at 155
  3. Posture, reach at the catch, delay opening my back, clean finishes.
  4. No pace target

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 11.41.48 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 11.41.35 AM

09760_|_2740_|_14:22_|_2:37.2_|_287___|_20.0_|_09.5_|_151___|_cross/head – slow roll ups
12500_|_1360_|_08:22_|_3:04.6_|_166___|_19.8_|_08.2_|_136___|_square blades

11260_|_56:47_|_2:31.3_|_1133___|_20.0_|_09.9_|_152___|_Main set
01360_|_08:22_|_3:04.6_|_166___|_19.8_|_08.2_|_136___|_cool down

As I said above,even though I was trying to focus more on technique and not on pace, I could not drive those thoughts out of my head since the numbers were so very, very slow.  I did notice that when I concentrated on long reach and crisp early finishes, that my pace did improve, but it was hard to stay focused on it for long periods.

I might need to break up these sessions and focus on something for a certain number of strokes and then focus on something else instead of trying to do everything, always.

Tomorrow:  High Rate (for me) training.  3 x (8 x 1′ @ r32/ 1′ paddle) / 3′ rest