Back to it: 14K steady state

Weather:  Foggy when I launched, but it lifted over the first 15 minutes that I was rowing and turned into a beautiful, sunny morning.  Basically no wind and warm, in the high 60s.  It would have been great if we had this weather yesterday!

When I went to go get my boat, I saw this guy on the path.

2015-06-22 06.20.28

I see him almost every morning, but today he sat still long enough for me to take his portrait.

But I digress…back to the rowing!

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 9.35.53 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 9.35.30 AM

06900_|_2800_|_13:58_|_2:29.6_|_261___|_18.7_|_10.7_|_146___|_Quick stop to deweed impeller
09700_|_2980_|_14:43_|_2:28.2_|_279___|_18.9_|_10.7_|_151___|_up stream
12680_|_1240_|_07:46_|_3:08.1_|_145___|_18.7_|_08.6_|_139___|_cool down

11580_|_57:01_|_2:27.7_|_1071___|_18.8_|_10.8_|_147___|_Main set
01240_|_07:46_|_3:08.1_|_145___|_18.7_|_08.6_|_139___|_cool down

Not much to say about that.  I noticed in the video from yesterday that I was not getting as much reach as I should have been, so today, I tried to really get to full extension of my arms.  I was also working on trying to keep my blades from going up right before the catch so that I miss less water.

I am wondering if the Concept2 fat2s are the wrong blades for me.  I have them about as short as they can go, and even with a lot of inboard, they still feel quite heavy at the catch.  Also, with the amount of inboard that I have, I suspect that I am not getting as good of a catch angle as I should.  Those Croker Arrows sure look like nice blades.

Tomorrow:  4×1000.  Target pace: 2:10.  I want to work on form at higher stroke rates, but not push myself to the brink.

Next race is in 3 weeks, so I want to do 2 hard weeks and then another quick taper.