Tuesday: 4 x 4′ / 5′ rest on the erg – Happy with that

I had a 8 AM meeting so I didn’t have time for a real row this morning, so I headed to work and did my planned interval session on the erg at work, but at least I was on slides.

My on the water plan was 4x1K with 500m paddles.  To keep the work time and rest time close to the same, I changed it to be 4′ minute intervals with 4′ active rest at about a 2:30 pace, plus 60 seconds of passive rest to take a drink and towel off a bit.

Since I haven’t been on the erg much, I wasn’t sure what to target for pace.  My fastest ever for a 4 x 1K was around a 1:42.5 pace.  I’d expect to be slower for a few reasons.  First, I’m not in erg shape. Second, 4 minute intervals are about 35 seconds longer than the 1Ks. Third, I have been really wimpy about the “discomfort” associated with rowing hard lately.  So, I decided to start at r28 and around a 1:48 and see how it went.

I was pressed for time, so I did a quick 8 minute warmup.  This was basically 10 hard strokes each minute at rates going up from 24 to 36, and the balance of the minute at about r22 and 2:05 pace.  After the intervals, I did a 5 minute cool down at 2:15.

As for the intervals, I’m pleased with how it went.  As soon as I started pulling, it seemed like 1:46 and a bit higher rate was completely doable.  In each interval I would do a 10 stroke start sequence, and then bleed the pace back toward 1:45 or 1:46 and continue counting strokes.  Each minute was about 30 strokes.  The third minute was the worst in every case.  I tried to relax and keep my strokes nice and long and just count up to 30.  Once I was into the final minute, I was sure I was going to make it and I would rate up a touch and push through.

As I went, I gained some additional confidence and pushed each rep a bit harder and managed to negative split the whole session, ending with an average pace of 1:44.6, which ain’t so bad for an isolated erg session.

The best part of this session was as a confidence boost.  I rowed hard, I got tired, it hurt, I kept going, the world did not end.  Now I just need to do the same thing on the water.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 8.45.45 AM

4x4 fixed

Tomorrow:  Back on the water.  Steady State plus start practice.  4 sets of 5 starts, and about 2500m of steady state.

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