Plodding in Yokohama

I got the hotel around 8pm last night and I wanted Sushi and Beer a LOT more than I wanted to workout.  So, I had Sushi and Beer.  And then I had a call from 9pm to 10pm and another from 12am to 1am.  The last call left me in quite a keyed up state, and I didn’t get to sleep until around 2.

I slept to 7 and immediately headed out for a run.  Our office is in Yokohama, right on the waterfront and it is the best place to run.  There is a waterfront park that stretches 3km, so you have lots of stuff to look at, it’s nice and flat, and you don’t have to cross too many streets.  Even for someone who is not a runner (me), it’s irresistible.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 10.33.40 AM.png

It’s hard for me to run slowly enough to do a low intensity workout.  So today was more of a threshold kind of affair.


Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 10.35.38 AM.png

Now my legs are sore and I feel great.

Tomorrow I’ll have to see how paralyzed I am.  I might go for an easier run/jog/walk.  It’s a shame to not get outside.

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