Wednesday: 8 x 2′ / 2′ 1x

A beautiful morning.  Sunny, warm, dry, hardly any wind.


  • Long warmup to re-acclimate to higher stroke rates
  • 8 x 2′ / 2′ rest
  • Stroke rate target: 26 (head race rate)
  • Pace target: better than 2:15 (a pretty easy target for this workout)
  • Do work sections in line down the river, do not avoid turns
  • Technique work after

The basic thing I was trying to do today was to row at Head race rates and slightly higher than head race pressure to start getting my head wrapped around what I need to accomplish over the next 9 weeks before the HOCR.

I was really happy with how the workout went.  I am liking the new smoothies at higher stroke rates.  I feel like the softer shafts are helping me manage the drive better and the extra length is providing more stability on recovery.


Workout Summary - media/20170809-133817-Greg Smith 20170809 0633amo.csv
Workout Details
01|00456|02:00.0|02:11.7|247.1|26.7|154.4|167.0|08.5 - vs current
05|00479|02:00.0|02:05.2|236.8|26.7|161.3|175.0|09.0 - w/ current

A few metrics plots.  I held things very consistent throughout.  Lifted stroke rates on purpose in the last interval and allowed it to creep up in the turns.

Tomorrow:  I have an 8am meeting, so no OTW.  I will try to squeeze in an erg session during the day, but it might not happen.


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