Flying blind – 44 minutes doing something on the erg

I had an 8am meeting at work today, so not enough time to do an OTW session.  I decided to do a short recovery session at the fitness center at work.

I discovered that the erg at work is still non-functional.  You can pull the handle.  The fan still spins smooth as silk, but the PM5 is blissfully unaware that that fan is spinning.

So, a rational person would have stood up, walked over to the elliptical trainer and worked out.  I, however, am not a rational person.  I decided to do a recovery session.

The plan.

  • 40 minutes (I decided to add on 4 more minutes while I was working out)
  • Stroke rate 18 (by counting strokes per minute)
  • Heart rate cap at 150.  Adjust stroke pressure to stay at cap.

Well, it all worked out just fine.  I had a lovely time and around the 30 minute mark, I decided to add 4 minutes at 20spm at the end with no HR cap.



Tonight I’m driving down to the cape.

Tomorrow:  L2 – 4x2k / 5′ rest.  This will be an adventure.  I’m going to do it in my Maas.  So the pace will be slow, and the intervals will be long.