Thursday: HM L4

Wednesday:  Flew down to Dallas.  No time for any training.  Big dinner with the customer.  About 20 of us at the restaurant.  Too much beer, wine, tequila and steak.

Thursday:  Early start.  We needed to be at the office at 7:30, so no time for a workout in the am.  On my way to the office, I had a blowout on a tire on my rental car.  It turned into the highlight of my day.  Changing a tire on  the car in my business suit while 10 of my coworkers looked on offering me suggestions and making sure I did it correctly.

After the meeting, I headed off to the airport for my return home.  I got to Boston around 7:45pm and I was home by 8:30. By this time I was really looking forward to a nice relaxing endurance session.  I saw Sander’s distance based L4 and decided to copy that to keep my mind busy during the row.  I also wanted to squeeze it into a half marathon so I could keep up with the Crazy Bear Challenge.

So the workout plan was:

  • Set up for a HM (21097m)
  • paddle the first 97 meters to get to a even number
  • row the rest 4 x ( 5000m work and 250m paddle)
  • In each 5000m work section do 2 sets of
    • 1000 at 18
    • 750 at 19
    • 500 at 20
    • 250 at 21
  • Power: 10W x stroke rate
  • HR cap: 155 (I never got near it)
  • first 2500 meters start slow (16 spm instead of 18)

It was quite a challenge to keep track of the right elapsed distances for each of the rate changes.  That and a good adventure audiobook keep me very occupied and the time flew by.  I love working out at night.  I swear I’m 10 watts better.

The glitch i the third interval was the low battery warning coming up on my phone and me running to get my charger!  Ruined the split for that segment too.

Workout Summary - media/20161118-034816-concept2-result-27821242o.csv
Workout Details

Another annoyance was needing to use ergdata instead of painsled.  The most recent update of painsled seems to have broken it for me.

Tomorrow:  Strength session in  the morning and another HM L4 in the evening.

2 thoughts on “Thursday: HM L4

  1. sanderroosendaal says:

    Did you notice you have power in the summary now? Interesting how the summary at the top seems to miss 97 meters. Need to look into that.

    I think I am going to do these distance based stroke rate changes more often. I really like them. Set up a Just Row and keep the mind busy having to keep track of the distance for the next transition.

    Liked by 1 person

    • gregsmith01748 says:

      Thanks for adding the power to the summary. It’s helpful for me because I am trying to push it up a watt at a time.

      I didn’t notice that the 97 meters were missing. You have great attention to detail.

      The distance based format certainly kept me on my toes. My mind wandered in one interval and it was only luck that I ended it in the right place.


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